The Effect of Ease and Security in Shopeepay Transactions on Increasing Interest in Buying the Kudus Community

  • Hany Tasmiyatul Unsa IAIN KUDUS
  • Nur Hidayah Faculty of Islamic Economics and Bussiness, IAIN Kudus, Indonesia
  • Agep Rumanto Faculty of Islamic Economics and Bussiness, IAIN Kudus, Indonesia


Along with technological advances which are currently developing very rapidly, making many conveniences in various fields, one of which is transaction technology in the fintech field. With this, a new phenomenon has emerged, namely changes in society in buying and selling transactions. The purpose of this research is to find out and analyze the effect of convenience and security in conducting transactions on the increasing buying interest of the Kudus people. This study uses quantitative methods with data collection through questionnaires by giving written questions or statements to the people who live in Kudus as many as 98 respondents who have shopee accounts and have made transactions through shopeepay. Data analysis using t test and f test. The results of this analysis indicate that the perception of convenience and security has a positive influence on the buying interest of the Kudus people because apart from being easy to use and learn, ShopeePay is also easy to access and has a high standard security system.


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Unsa, H., Hidayah, N., & Rumanto, A. (2022). The Effect of Ease and Security in Shopeepay Transactions on Increasing Interest in Buying the Kudus Community. Annual International Conference on Islamic Economics and Business (AICIEB), 2(1), 73-83.