Sentiment Analysis of Digital Banking Literature

  • Anisa Syahidah Mujahidah Tazkia University
  • Aam Slamet Rusydiana SMART Indonesia, Indonesia


This research was conducted to examine digital banking in the scope of economics and finance in terms of scientific research in published journals and indexed by Scopus. The method used is sentiment analysis from secondary data in the form of 350 journals published in the last three years then retrieved using Ms. software. Excel 2016 and SentiStrength The results show that research on digital banking in the scientific literature has increased. The results of the sentiment analysis show that there is a tendency for positive perceptions in the scientific literature on the existence of digital banking, with positive sentiments of 30%, neutral at 39%, then negative sentiments of 28% and the remaining high negative sentiments of 3%. The benefit of this research is for literature material to find out what needs to be improved from threats, negative perceptions, and shortcomings of digital banking. In addition, as a benchmark and consideration for Islamic digital banking in order to be able to innovate by paying attention to the perceptions that arise from the perception of digital banking


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