Strategical Studies of The Religious Moderation on Education

  • Khaerul Fajri State Islamic University of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten


The diversity of tribes, ethnicities, and religions is the background for the stereotype of moderate civilization in Indonesia is getting tougher in the eyes of the world. However, At the point of religious diversity can have implications for two things. The first is the Emergence of a manifest harmonization of religion through tolerant attitudes and actions, or vice versa Emergence of a second form, namely the presence of intolerant attitudes among religious believers in a plurality of societies. Researchers seek to answer problems that arise through literature and previous research in-depth using literature review methods to identify and find sources that provide factual information or expert opinions about the phenomena that occur. Several studies have shown that radical groups seed their views massively through educational institutions, where students, college students, and teachers are targeted. It is necessary to a culture of peace application through strengthening Islamic education material containing the values of Pancasila and Islam Rahmatan Li Al-Alamin or ISRA in Islamic education so that educational institutions become laboratories of religious moderation. The need for an understanding of the variety of differences of mankind in its various dimensions, both in the context of social life, society, and nationality, so the implementation of the principle of religious moderation through the participation of religious educational institutions becomes very strategic to improve the nation's identity as a home for diversity through the internalization of religious moderation values in Islamic education in Indonesia.