The Influence of Motivation as a Mediation on Employee Performance

Study at PT Apac Inti Corpora Bawen

  • Sintiani Sintiani IAIN Salatiga
  • Arna Asna Annisa


Good performance can be generated from human resources who have good quality. An understanding of individual spirituality is able to have a good influence on the organization. A good work ethic is one of the impacts of individual spirituality, because in order to achieve organizational goals, individuals must comply with the rules or norms that apply within the organization. Work involvement also makes it easier for organizations to achieve goals, such as being able to foster employee mentality at work and good relations between workers. In contrast to emotional exhaustion which can make employees experience pressure at work, it can be a source of stress and lead to burnout. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of Islamic work ethics, work involvement and emotional exhaustion on employee performance with motivation as a mediation at PT Apac Inti Corpora. The study used quantitative methods obtained through questionnaires to 47 employees as respondents. From the results of the study, it was found that Islamic work ethics and work involvement had a positive and significant effect on employee performance, emotional exhaustion had a positive and insignificant effect on employee performance. Motivation is able to mediate the relationship between work engagement and employee performance, but motivation is not able to mediate the relationship between Islamic work ethics and emotional exhaustion on employee performance. The existence of this research can be used as material for consideration in choosing a decision to choose an organization or company.

Keywords: Employee performance, Islamic work ethic, work engagement, emotional exhaustion and motivation




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