A The Usage of Learning Methods in Early Childhood Education (ECE) Units while Learning from Home

BDR; metode pembelajaran; PAUD

  • Ade Lya Yulianti PIAUD FTIK UIN Salatiga
Keywords: BDR; metode pembelajaran; PAUD


The emergence of Covid-19 in Indonesia has implications for various sectors, including the sustainability of early childhood education. Learning that usually takes place at school is shifted to learning from home (BDR). This paper tries to review the use of a number of learning methods in ECE units while children study from home. This qualitative research was carried out in 2021 and utilized the distribution of questionnaires, interview, and documentation as data collection techniques. The results show that the method most often used was assignment, while the method that was never used while studying from home was field trip. This finding indicates that a method does not have to be used in all conditions, so ECE teachers need to carefully determine which method is appropriate to the existing context.