The Effectiveness of Computational Thinking Based Mathematic Worksheets on Student's Problem Solving Ability With Linear Equation Two Variables at Ambarawa 1 Junior High School

  • Muhammad Afif IAIN Salatiga


This Study aims to find out about the mathematic worksheet based on computational thinking (CT) effectiveness of the material linear equations in two variables on problem solving ability.
The population in this study were VIII class in Ambarawa 1 State Junior High School 2021/2022, the VIII-B class obtained and becomes the research sampel through the sampling technique, namely cluster random sampling consisting of thirty four students. Collecting data using five essay questions about problem solving ability test, this test is given through pretest and posttest to research sample. Statistic analysis using Paired Sampel T Test by significance level on 5% agains pre-tested data using Lilliefors Test and Fisher Test.
The result of pre-tested data showed that data is normal and homogeneous seen from Lcounting-pretest (0,105) < Ltable (0,1497) and Lcounting-postets (0,122) < Ltable (0,1497) then F_counting (1,6929) < F_table (1,7878). Based on pretest and posttest data analyzed showing that there is an increased in the average value test, from 54 up to 78,47. Effectiveness analys showed that there is a difference between the average pretest value to the average posttest value, by the t_(counting ) (16,198)> t_(table ) (2,034). As of the mathematic worksheet based on computational thinking (CT) effectiveness for problem solving ability.