the The Influence of E-Learning as Learning Media Usage and Peers on the Learning Interest Of SMK Students Majoring In BPD

  • Siska Lestari Education


Interest is a sense of preference or interest in an activity indicated by a desire, a tendency to pay attention to the activity without being told by anyone, performed with self-awareness and followed by a sense of pleasure. Unfortunately, students' learning enthusiasm remains low at SMKN 1 Ponorogo, particularly in class X of the BDP major. It was shown by the observation result that there were 35% of students accessed applications other than e-learning during the learning process, such as opening the Tik Tok, Instagram, and Snack Video applications. Also, 20% of students were chatting with their friends about topics other than the subject matter during the learning process, like discussing rising KPOP members and trending outfits. Therefore, it is necessary to study more deeply about the factors influencing the students' low interest in learning. Internal and external factors influence interest in learning. Internal factors consist of physical factors and psychological factors. On the other hand, external factors consist of family, school, and community factors. This study was designed with a quantitative approach, the analytical technique used is the classical assumption test of simple linear regression and multiple linear regression. from the results of this study, it was found that e-learning and peer learning media had an effect on student interest in learning at SMKN 1 Ponorogo in the 2021/2022 academic year.